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Goodbye Botswana, Hello Namibia!

— 09 Apr 2012 —

Another border crossing today. I don’t mind them because it means I get yet another stamp in my passport but it’s the sloow-ness of the African people working behind the counters. I am not exaggerating when I say they are sloow!

So what was meant to be a 7 – 8 hours drive, turned out to be about 12 hours in the end! We kept ourselves busy by reading, sleeping, eating, sleeping and sleeping some more. In between all the sleeping, I managed to take some pictures of the Namibian landscape as we were driving in, which to be quite honest, was not eventful at all. Chatting to *J was the highlight of the drive and getting burnt from the sun streaming through the front window was the lowlight. It was one of our longest drives on the tour but we made it to Windhoek in the end.

Tonight was going to be the farewell dinner. For 9 of us, it was our time to go. For the remainder of the group, they were off to more adventures in rural Namibia. I didn’t want to leave my newfound friends and seriously contemplated on how to wrangle another 10 days out of my boss to continue the epic journey but sadly no, I had to go back to work.

For our last supper together, *S was kind enough to book us into Joe’s Beer House, one of the top 5 restaurants in Windhoek. I’m glad she did or else I would’ve had to go there by myself the next night.

Joe’s is famous for game. It is apparent from the decor which consists mostly of game trophies and Jagermeister bottles. There was so much choice it wasn’t funny. Crocodile, kudu, zebra, you name it, they’ve got it. I took the Bushman Sosatie (kebab). It consisted of a little bit of all meats. I enjoyed the kudu the most and zebra the least. It tasted like liver. Ugh.

We ate till we could eat no more. We chatted about all the adventures we had and the many more we were all going to embark on. We reminisced on all the memories we were going to take away from the experience.

All in all, it was a great farewell to my newfound friends. And although I was sad that we were parting ways, I was excited to have a little bit of me-time to explore Windhoek and excited they were off on an adventure of a lifetime.


Joe’s Beer House
160 Nelson Mandela Dr, Windhoek
t: +264 61 232 457
e: (Bookings essential)


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