Life As I Know It

Today marks my 1 month anniversary of being back in Perth after nearly 2 years away. And I feel somewhat… content. Content through rediscovering the beauty of my city, being back in (proper) civilisation, eating at (proper) restaurants, going to festivals and events, getting to hang out with friends. All of the stuff which says I have a life!

I’ve had the privilege to witness the union of Mr and Mrs Huynh, two crazy lovebirds from back in our university days, on a sunny day overlooking the Perth skyline.

I’ve had gastronomical times eating at some new restaurants, Red Cray Seafood Restaurant and the world-renowned Nobu. Next one up is the Pan Pacific Perth for date night!

I’ve participated in the Perth International Comedy Festival. I went to see the Miss Divine O (aka Fiona O’Loughlin) and she was shit. Maybe because she was tired as it was her last show or she was drunk (well, she does have a drinking problem!) but no worries, I will get my refund back and be back for more next year. Hopefully by then she’ll be back in form and I’ll get those elusive tickets to Tripod *grumble grumble grumble*. Dates for the festival have already been announced and I can’t wait!

And I plan to attend the Perth International Burlesque Festival, on this weekend. I checked out some burlesque shows as part of the Fringe World Festival back in February and it was great. I can’t wait to see what Sugar Blue Burlesque have got in store for us this time.

And last but not least, I’ve enjoyed being back working in town, wearing the high heels  and the pretty dresses, grabbing coffee from my regular. I’ve enjoyed the corporate lunches and the shopping being at an arm’s length. I’ve even enjoyed working minimum 50 hour weeks (NOT!). The only upside to that is I get a good view once in a while.

So I guess I can tell you that I’m happy being home for now.

I’ll just see how long this will last… Check this space.


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