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Play – Voortrekker Monument

— 23 Apr 2012 —

I spent my very last day in South Africa taking it all in, one last time. It was a sad day and I wanted to do everything over again, but there was no time! So I hired a car and  went on my way.

Having taken in the shopping scene (for once), I embarked on taking one last culture fix. And my choice was the Voortrekker Monument. Only because this was the last tourist place I hadn’t been to up in Pretoria. But it wasn’t without a few wrong turns, a dead-end and one helluva freak storm.

There’s a museum on the bottom floor (the place only has two floors) and it houses many interesting Voortrekker (Pioneer) memorabilia. Look at the intricate detailing in the knitting.

And if you’re not into the whole history of South Africa thing, go there to get a great view over the city of Pretoria. You can see UniSA, the Union Buildings, Freedom Park, all of Pretoria!

There’s plenty to see and do here. There an interactive section in a separate building which detail most of the events during the trek and the wars, very interesting indeed.

This is definitely something to do, might just be the thing to fill a rainy day.

Voortrekker Monument & Nature Reserve
Open everyday, except Christmas Day
08h00 – 16h00
t: +27 (0)12 326 6770 / +27 (0)12 323 0682


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