Road Trip Day 3: Bluff – Coffee Bay

Now that the 2012 journeys are written, and I haven’t got anything interesting to tell you about in Perth,  I can go back to my South African road trip! Let’s recount from here, shall we?

— 29 Sep 2011 —

The Journey

Point A: Bluff
Point B: Port Shepstone
Point C: Kokstad
Point D: Coffee Bay
Distance: 523km (initial route 508km)

Bored of the crappy weather in Durban, I set out early to Coffee Bay. I knew I had a long journey in front of me (8-9 hours) so it was me, a box of Cheerios, a Wimpy’s famous coffee and a long stretch of road.

A pit stop at Port Shepstone saw me looking at the real estate in the surrounding areas along the coast. Omg, there were some beautiful places around there. No wonder a work colleague suggested I stop there.

A second pit stop at the infamous Kokstad (it’s the place for road trippers to be!) to grab a second Wimpy’s famous coffee and stretch the legs. I thought if I drove fast enough I would be able to make it to Coffee Bay with just enough time to hit the beach. So in all the hustle and bustle, I drove the wrong way up the road and only realised when I saw no cars were driving in the same direction as me. Not that I was expecting everyone to be going to Coffee Bay but still, at least one other group should be going worth towards the Wild Coast right? Right??

Coffee Bay

After what seemed like bloody ages along a tar road and a few panicky phone calls to the people at The Coffee Shack who 1) assured me I was on the right road – there’s only one road – and 2) I was relatively close – still about 40km to the edge of the coast, I had finally made it to Coffee Bay. The clouds had followed me from Durban (boo!) but I still took the opportunity to explore the area. It was great to see the beach again and to see where I’d be taking the surfboard out.

After settling in, I got coerced into going to the local shebeen. Here’s my chance to boogie on down with the locals! So we went to buy the alcohol (small flask-like OB sherry went down very well) and then boogied till the heat just got a bit too much.


And to release all the energy we still had in us, we attended a drumming session at the place across the road. We learnt the different hand placements for the different rhythms you can achieve on a drum. There are so many! Then we pieced together all these different sounds and turned it into a melody. And finally, we turned ourselves into a band and started rocking the place. Each person doing their own thing.

This guy was the bomb. Didn’t get his name but he was like the glue to our “band”.

All boozed up and retiring with sore hands, we called it a day.


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