Looking For Some Inspiration

Omg, when the hell did we get into June?! Sure, technically it was 5 days ago but what the hell!! Soon I’ll be saying, “Why the hell haven’t I done any Christmas shopping?!”. Just like last year. Sigh.

Seeing it’s halfway through the year already, and I haven’t been on a holiday in 6 weeks, I’m need in of some travel inspiration. It doesn’t help that I’m going through old photos to tell the stories to you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming you at all, it’s just I miss being on the road (like I said, I knew I wouldn’t last long being back in civilisation).

Armed with Lonely Planet’s ‘The Travel Book’, I’m going to find some inspiration. Something to light up my life again. My life is too stagnant at the moment. I’m getting too comfortable and that annoys me. I’m getting into a routine and that doesn’t suit me at all. I used to be fun, cheerful and full of life (if I say so myself). Not frumpy, fat (some may argue this) and boring (some may argue this aswell).

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone also lacking lustre in their life at the moment? Come on, I can’t be the only one!! Can I?

PS. It doesn’t look like Germany is going to happen this year. I just can’t bear the cold! It’s the start of winter here and I’m already rugged up like an Eskimo. Just think what I’d look like in an European winter. Oh my.


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