They Call Me a Surfie

— 01 Oct 2011 —

It was time to get my surf on. At R40.00, it was the cheapest surf lessons I’ve ever paid for! And it was with a pro. The surf program at Coffee Shack is sponsored by Quiksilver who Ryno used to surf professionally with down by Jefferys.

There was 5 of us that morning, 3 Americans and 2 Aussies (me included). Us Aussies had surfed before but the Americans, not so much. Meaning, not at all. This was going to be fun!

Dipping our feet in the freezing cold water, we tried to catch as many waves as we could. The surf was a bit rough where we started off so we had to keep moving up the coast which was a bit annoying, but it was all about getting the best waves.

We fumbled and tumbled getting hit by the waves over and over again. But we kept getting back up on our boards. The American girls were so funny to watch in between catching waves. They were typical girly girls and kept squealing like bitches. It was hilarious.

After 2 hours of catching waves, we were stuffed. My arms felt like falling off and my chest was so sore I just wanted to collapse on my bed. It was even hard to keep this board straight up for the shot.

Seeing as it was such a beautiful day out, I decided to do the crazy thing and take another 2 hour class in the afternoon. Crazy I know, but I just had to because the lessons were just too cheap to pass up. I had the privilege of watching a pompous German guy give up after 1 hour into the class. It was probably funnier than the American girls, but I digress from telling you what a great surfer I am now! I just need to learn how to read the swell and tides.

After that, I was pretty much KO-ed. A quick nap and it was back to the bar. We had a small farewell supper amongst ourselves, telling of where we came from and where we’re going next, when we’ll eventually have to go back to the real world and where that would be. I didn’t want to leave the place, the people, the lifestyle.

I’m so glad I stay the extra couple of days. Thanks for the great times Coffee Bay!


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