On The Bedside Table – Safari

Ok, I admit it. I’m addicted to Tony Park‘s books. I promise I’ll move on… soon. Recently an ex-colleague suggested reading “Whatever you do, don’t run” by Peter Allison so at least I have something non-Tony Park to move onto.

Safari is based in the D.R.C. and Zimbabwe, two of the African countries I’d first travelled to so it was really interesting to read about all the other things that “makes” the country other than mining and crappy economics.

Michelle is a Canadian expat who is researching the behaviour and habits of one of the most endangered species in the world, the African wild dog. However, she has no more funds for her wild dog research program and has 4 weeks to tie up everything and move out.

Shane was working on a mission in Iraq when he got framed for allegedly killing unarmed troops. Advise to go on “leave” after the incident, it was perfect timing to take up a position in an anti-poaching campaign back in his birth country. Where he has always wanted to end up.

Fletcher is a big-game hunter who owns a game lodge in Hwange National Park. With some overseas sponsorships, he opens the Isilwane Wildlife Conservation Foundation in an attempt to get Michelle to stay.

Throw in a gang of Congolese, gorillas from Uganda and a shitload of blood money and you get yourself a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story. Michelle takes the position as the administrator of the conservation fund and is naturally drawn to Fletcher through his generosity. Shane does his thing at the national park’s anti-poaching fore-front but he doesn’t seem convinced with Fletcher’s hunting methods. Fletcher is racking it in from all of Chuck’s friends. But how far will he go till his entire operation is compromised.

This book was such an education for me. I didn’t know there were gorillas in the D.R.C. Granted they venture across the border from Uganda. I didn’t know poaching used to be so rift in the D.R.C. And I didn’t know poaching could also mean hunting for humans.

Enjoy! xx

[Disclaimer: I am affiliated with The Book Depository and will gain a commission if you decide to buy the book. Thanking you in advance if you do. No obligations.]


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