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Stay – The Coffee Shack

Excerpt from Coast to Coast
“The Coffee Shack is fantastically delicious so go and stay for a few days, months, lifetimes… Right on the beach, overlooking the river mouth, the hostel boasts one of the nicest locations in South Africa, so allow yourself enough time to explore, discover and enjoy it.”

And that is exactly what I did as y’all know by now. How did it happen you may ask? Well you’ve read the blog! Lots of activities (some even free!), a bunch of cool staff (who have the power to bend spaghetti arms) and no plans, that’s how! I’d like to challenge you to go and tell me otherwise. You may like it so much that you stay for 5 years, like Ryno the surf instructor.

The place is full of life at any time of the day. There are quiet spots when you need to get away from all the fun (try the benches on offer in the camping area). Facilities are plentiful and sparkling clean. Food is scrumptious and always available.

Activities on offer (and not limited to):

  • Get your surf on with the cheapest surf lessons around! R 40.00 (AUD$ 6.20) for 2 hours. I did 2 lessons in 1 day, and then ached for the next 3 days.
  • Take a guided hike to Hole in the Wall with John.
  • Take a trip down to the local shebeen (local watering hole) for some drinking and dancing.
  • Experience and taste all that the Xhosa village has to offer.
  • Enjoy the company and stories other travellers have to offer whilst chowing down a nice 2-course meal prepared by the talented staff.
  • Participate in the nightly killer pool competition. Associated bar rules apply. Take note or else it could get messy.

The cool group of staff at The Coffee Shack. Rudolph (barman and killer pool judge), John (funniest tour guide ever!) and Ryno (forever sunburnt surfer).

I could rant on and on about this place but I won’t. Instead, experience it for yourself. However tempting it may be to stay put, venture next door to Bomvu for a drum lesson or the place up the road to learn how to make your own drum.

Hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did!

The Coffee Shack
Address: On the beach, Coffee Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa
From N: Follow Coffee Bay signs when driving south on the N2 from Mthatha (or Umtata – as written in my map boo). Follow the tar road (watch out for the potholes) till the end (a good 100km or so) then take a right up the hill. You will know if you’ve made the wrong turn because your car will be stuck in the sea.
From S: Follow Coffee Bay signs when driving north on the N2 from East London. Follow the tar road as above.
t: +27 (0) 47 575 2048
m: +27 (0) 83 656 4350


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