Road Trip Day 6: Coffee Bay – Underberg

— 02 Oct 2011 —

It was time to leave Coffee Bay. Sad. I had cooked some food to tie me over for the road trip north, packed the car and said good-bye to the staff and wished fellow travellers a safe journey onwards.

The Journey

Point A: Coffee Bay
Point B: Kokstad
Point C: Underberg
Distance: 365km

It was a short trip today, in comparison to all the other days. There wasn’t much on the way to Kokstad as I discovered last time. It was beginning to rain so I was just trying to focus on driving and not getting stuck in the pot holes (There’s soo many pot holes on the road from Coffee Bay to Mthatha. Once on the highways, it’s all good).

A quick pit stop at Kokstad, to consult my bible and find a place to stay (now that I think about it, I should really organise accommodation ahead of time!). There was a few frantic phone calls to a couple of the backpackers and finally I found one who could fit me in for 2 nights.


I arrived in the area and drove through the town of Underberg without realising it. That’s how small Underberg is! I doubled back and followed one of the access roads into the Drakensberg Park to get to Khotso Horse Trail and Farm Accommodation. And the drive was gorgeous! Sheep, cattle, rolling hills, nature all around me.

After unpacking the car and removing all the cheerio pieces that had fallen to the side of the passenger chair, I took *T’s recommendation to go to the Resort (who would’ve thought there would be a 5 star resort in the Drakensberg?!) to keep myself occupied. Just down to the end of the road and turn right, you’ll be right. Sure I will be. I think you all know what happened after that. But I made it in the end, even through the free roaming cows and the rain.

The rain let up for a while and I got to walk around the park. It was stunning. The smell of the pine trees, the raindrops on the grass blades, the reflection on the lake, the mist in amongst the trees, it was magical and spooky at the same time.

After the breath of fresh air out in the open, I headed back and chilled for the rest of the night. Reading up on activities in the area, meeting the family (the people and the animals) and eating a nice home cooked meal (the first time in a very long time). It was nice to be staying at a home away from home.

At around 9pm, the other traveller finally arrived. He looked exhausted! We got talking and discovered he also started his journey in Coffee Bay (Sugar Shack – the sister backpackers to Coffee Shack), caught a bus to some place which was a bit more north than Underberg, and ended up having to take a taxi back to Underberg and then I got lost with his story. I told him I came from Coffee Bay and how we just missed each other on the road. Oh well, it seemed like he had a helluva adventure.


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