With TGT – How to Be a Good Traveler

When I was in the States back in 2010, I nearly ran out of money. I hadn’t budgeted an impromptu trip to Chicago in the height of summer, but hey I wanted to go. 

I arrived in Chicago, on the brink of homelessness, and found a kind soul in the way of a fellow couchsurfer.  *T took me in on a whim and made me feel right at home, introducing me to his friends, taking me on a tour of his neighbourhood, eating Chicago style foods with me. And in return, I got him rediscovering his city, all those places locals take the granted (I admit I’m guilty of that in Perth) and rediscovering why he moved to Chicago in the first place.

Be a good traveller when you’re out of your comfort zone. Don’t be obnoxious and take local advice as it comes (step 1). Be nice to those who help you out, either monetary or experiences (step 3 or 10). Try something out of your comfort zone like talking to strangers (the safe way) or couchsurfing (step 7 or 9). 

Here’s a guide  How to Be a Good Traveler in 10 Easy Steps to help you out.

I will be forever greatful for all the kindness *T bestowed upon me. I don’t think I would’ve survived the streets of the Windy City on my own, as much as I wished I could.


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