Kingdom in the Sky – Day 3

— 06 Oct 2011 —

It was our last day in Lesotho, which meant the last day of riding, yahoo! On the one hand, it was a relief because my inner thighs (and other body parts) just couldn’t take it anymore. On the other, I didn’t want to leave Lesotho and  it’s amazing landscape. It also meant my holiday was coming to an end. I was due to drive back to Centurion tomorrow.

We were taking another route back to the border as *S wanted to show us the waterfall and the not-so-mountainous side of Lesotho. So off we rode, back home to South Africa.

The ride was much better than the other days and we even got up to a gallop for most of the way. Here we rode through the plains and low-level rivers. The plains didn’t seem to end. The plains rolled far into the horizon, reminding me of my time in Tuscany where the rolling vineyards went for what seemed like forever.

We took a break and had lunch at the waterfall. It was amazing to see a waterfall in the middle of all the plains, I didn’t even see the river leading to the falls. I only noticed water when Collar stopped for a slurp. Here we let the horses munch a bit and we went skipping on the rocks to the waterfall. Check out the Frenchies and their swanky gear in the group photo.

We didn’t stop for too long after that, wanting to get back to the farm as soon as we could. I think Collar had had it with me so he tried to throw me off when we were crossing a shallow river. It was frightening as I was half off the horse gripping on the reins like there was no tomorrow. *M tried to catch up to me to help however I managed to heave myself back onto Collar slowly but surely. I was just glad to see the Bushmans Nek sign at the end of that ordeal.

Happy to have my legs firmly on the ground again, we headed home on the back of the bakkie. We were very quiet on the trip home, I for one was exhausted and couldn’t wait to be clean again.

We were met with many more travellers that night and got to socialise after 3 days on our own. The Khotso team put on a great braai for everyone and the 4 of us sat there reminiscing on all that had happened during the last 3 days and discussing our onward travels. *L and I were on our way to Joburg and *JB and *M were on their way to Cape Town. Ah, I love Cape Town.

I went to bed that night trying to think of a body part that didn’t hurt like hell and secretly thanking everyone for coercing me to do on this great adventure. I mean, where else am I going to get a chance to spend 3 days horse-riding in the wild. With nothing around me but untouched nature. I’m so glad to have ventured into Lesotho and here’s hoping it stays untouched for many more to enjoy!

Thank you Lesotho and your wonderful people for the warm welcome we received. It has been an amazing experience and I shall never forget it!

Till next time,


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