My City – Nobu Perth

I think Nobu is one of those restaurants people strive to go to at least once in their lifetime. It would be their brush with a top-class fine dining experience and fame (it is co-owned by Robert De Niro) at the same time. What more can one ask for?

I first wanted to go to Nobu when I arrived in Cape Town. Having 2 weeks in the mother city, I had to keep myself entertained and well-fed. Unfortunately it was fully booked for the entire time I was going to be there so I had to settle for other top-class restaurants. Shame, I know.

Luckily my Aunty decided she was going to treat us to Nobu as part of her “I got a new job” celebrations. She didn’t need to ask me when I was free because I was there in no time, even showing up early (the idea was to man the table however my brother and I went to drink cocktails at the bar instead).

First impression, great interior design concept (that’s the designer coming out!). The floor layout with the seating and the sashimi bar created a nice fluidity and movement for the patrons and the staff. The colour palette from the floor to the chairs to the ceiling all matched and with the dim lighting it somehow created the mood; elusive, mysterious and sultry. I particularly liked the use of different textures from the wood grain columns to the wrought iron reed sculpture to the coloured glass baubles as the lighting feature (best part and on par with the bathroom wall). It was all perfect except for the window covering. The sheer material hung at awkward lengths and just cheapen the look.

Anyways, enough about the interior. Onto the food! The menu is set up so the table shares all the dishes, like tapas style. My favourite. There’s 6 pages on the menu plus the daily chef’s specials, making it a whole lot of dishes to choose from.

The kelp salad dish ($18) was nicely displayed. I think there was 4 different kinds of kelp, each lightly cooked offering a crunch when biting down on it. This is the first of many dishes that were all devoured in a matter of minutes.

The “New Style” Auskobe Wagyu beef ($45 per 50gm) was by far my favourite of the night, and it was only the second one served. That was how good it was! The beef was one of the melt-in-your-mouth textures and the sauce was sour without being too eye cringing.

Nobu Style Tomato Ceviche ($12). Nicely plated however it was just a bed of cherry tomatoes with dressing to me. Nothing too special.

Nobu Tuna Taco ($10, 2 pieces minimum) was very fresh. It tasted like it just came out of the ocean. The dollop of (what seemed like) wasabi mayo was tasty and very creamy.

The chef’s special pork belly (no $ available) was to die for. People who know me, know that I don’t eat pork. Except for bacon, ribs and pork belly. The light miso dressing matched the pork very well. The only downfall was there were only 4 pieces to a plate. So we ordered another to solve that problem.

Chef’s special gyoza with pumpkin puree (no $ available) was equally as nice as the pork belly. No offence to the chef but my grandmother’s dumplings kick its ass.

Someone in my family wanted to eat rice so they ordered sushi; Salmon Avocado ($14) and Eel with Cucumber ($15). Both were nice but nothing special and overpriced. I could get something similar at Jaws Sushi for less than that. Avoid the sushi if you can.

This was my second favourite dish of the night, Creamy Spicy Crab ($19). It was very Italian in the way of too much cheese however the creamy-ness of baked sauce with the shredded crab pieces was heavenly.

My brother ordered the Lamb Chops with Wasabi Pepper Sauce ($43). He’s such a bloke. Not once has he gone without meat during dinner. The meat was tender and didn’t need the sauce at all but the highlight for me for the bowl of assorted saute mushrooms.

My father ordered the Squid Pasta with Light Garlic Sauce ($25) thinking it was pasta with squid. And when this was served, he was wondering where the pasta had gone. We had to explain to him what the menu meant. This is another dish to avoid. It was nothing more than a stir-fry dish to me and I don’t even eat stir-fry!

The infamous Black Cod Miso ($46 per serving). No wonder it is Nobu’s signature dish. The black cod is cooked to perfection with the meat flaking off as soon as you apply pressure onto its lightly seared fillet. The miso paste is thick and complements the succulent meat. Very nice indeed.

Another chef’s special dish consisting of Soft Shell Crabs with Watermelon (no $ available). I loved this dish because of the watermelon. Other than that, there was nothing special with the crabs.

We were all full by the end however my Aunty still insisted we had to order dessert because we just had to try it. She showed us a picture of some chocolate pudding on her iPhone and said we had to eat it, so we ordered it.

The sauce in the Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding with Green Tea Ice Cream ($15) was thick and gooey and went everywhere. The green tea ice cream was delicious and could well be one of the best I’ve tasted in Perth.

I ordered the Cappuccino ($15) and it was not like your ordinary cappuccino. This one had a hard foam top and a biscuit-y bottom, with layers of yummy-ness in between. It’s hard to describe but it was just damn good. I highly recommend ordering this one, even if you haven’t the space for it. I assure you’ll find the space.

The restaurant is perfect for any occasion. There were people celebrating a birthday, us celebrating a new job, couples on date night and families with their kids (they were very well behaved unlike those unruly ones you see in the Atrium next door).

So go on then, treat yourselves to something special. Once you have, you can tick “Eating at Robert De Niro’s restaurant” off the list.


PS. The photos have been through Photoshop (sorry!) as the lighting in Nobu is extremely dim. At one stage I caught my grandmother catching a nanna nap at the table.

Nobu Perth
Inside the Burswood Entertainment Complex
Great Eastern Highway, Burswood
t: +61 (0)8 9362 7551
e: restaurants@burswood.com.au (For reservations)


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