Cake with the Site Family

Now that I’ve finished my latest South African adventures, I think I’ll tell you more about my site life. I’ve been Whatsapp-ing *K, my friend who is still working there for another 4 weeks (and counting!), and been missing the place and people a helluva lot.


I love celebrating birthdays. Especially when my friends don’t want to. Their reasons range from “Can’t be f**ked” to “It’s not even a milestone.” And that’s when I usually step in, slap them across the head (not too hard of course) and tell them to get their act together. We will be celebrating! (They love me for it).

I love birthdays so much, that I celebrate my birthday for an entire week, every single year (personally I think everyone should be doing the same!). It usually involves dinner with family, dinners with friends and a mini trip away.

But 2011 was different. I was stuck in Zambia. There was no dinner with the family, instead, cake with the site family. There was no dinner with friends, instead, drunken shenanigans with the boys. There was no mini trip away, instead, a surprise day trip to the waterfalls and a taste of Mozambique.

Here’s how I remember the week…

— 02 Dec 2011 —

There was no surprise to this one. The site mother straight out asked me what cake I wanted. Vanilla was the winner. And damn it didn’t disappoint. The surprise was the food platters that the construction manager organised out of the petty cash loot (well it did coincide with Friday meeting nights. I don’t see it as favouritism at all).

Heart my site family nonetheless.

It was a good start to the birthday week celebrations!


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