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Day Tripping to Mutunda Falls

— 04 Dec 2011 —

My actual birthday had finally arrived. I was another year older and none the wiser. *S had been pestering me about where I wanted to go for a week now. I wanted to go away for a camping and fishing weekend in Mwinilunga, however to avoid rumours spreading, we ended up just going to Mutunda Falls for the day. I had been before and it was a nice place to relax, explore and listen to the roar of the falls.

We set off early in the morning (to avoid me from whining about having to leave early afterwards) to Solwezi town to pick up a braai pack and beverages. Forgetting ice from camp, we had to scope around town for a place which sold ice. Or even understood what ice was. This took a good hour.

With the ice in the cooler box, we drove to the falls, making it in good time. The sun was shining and with the breeze on the water, it wasn’t sweltering hot like it was back on site.

We went down to the water; *S walking downstream looking for a good fishing spot and me just dipping my feet in the water. It was nice feeling. Very refreshing indeed. Not wanting to move, *S went to do his thing with the fishing gear and I made myself very comfortable on the rocks.

While *S was putting on the braai, I went exploring. Climbing over and under all the huge tree trunks; around to the back of the falls, right in the middle cascading section, all over the place. Watching my step on the moss-covered rocks and unsecured planks. It was like a mini adventure. I felt like Jane from Tarzan!

I eventually decided to get my fish on. With no luck of course. And what was worse? Getting the line stuck twice and one of the little boys offered to swim and unhook it for me. I’m sure he was thinking “bloody Muzungu” (bloody white person). I’ll stick to getting fish from the market from now on.

Oh, and this is me cutting a pineapple. My first one ever. With *S there to share my joy of being able to cut one (and more or less teaching me how to cut one)!

It was a perfect day. Friend, food and adventure. What more can a girl ask for?

Thanks to *S for making my birthday an unforgettable one!


Mutunda Falls
Solwezi, North-West Province, Zambia
Near the junction of T5 and M8 roads


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