Quickie – The Countdown Begins!

I have started my countdown for the London Olympics!

It’s exactly a month till the epic event and I just hope I get to watch some of it this time. During the last Olympics, I didn’t get to watch much because the gymnastics and ice skating was always aired at weird-ass times. Surely they should cater for everyone?

So since I’m not going to be able to go to London, I’d thought I’d be nice to those who have the chance to go and give you some links to help you plan your trip to London, if you haven’t already done so.


The Official London Olympics 2012 webpage – All the latest news from the games

London’s top 10 secret sights – Check out the places the locals think we didn’t know about.

London on a shoestring – For the budget conscience travellers out there.

Top 10 outings in London – For the days you’re not catching a game.

A perfect day in London – For the ones who are there only for a short while. Make the most of it!

TimeOut London – Your critical guide to events, attractions, culture and going out in London.


Hope this helps!

To those who are going, enjoy it! To those who aren’t, enjoy barracking for your country! I know I will! Just wish I could be there (free accommodation with *B as well!), but something called a career beckons.


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