On the Bedside Table – Every Day in Tuscany: Seasons of an Italian Life

Italy was once a dream. The dream of two Year 10 girls, who were supposed to be listening to their teacher about demand and supply. From that day, there was a pact to travel to Italy together one day. The desire to go Italy was fueled further by the love of risotto and gnocchi; and cemented after watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

That made reading Every Day in Tuscany: Seasons of an Italian Life a breeze. It is the sequel to Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany and follows the Italian life of Frances Mayes.

Having traveled through Tuscany back in 2010, it made me reminisce on my time spent there. Discovering. Enjoying. Soaking it all. It was probably the best part of my 2010 RTW trip.

Frances tells of her every day life in Cortona; the events, the visitors, the challenges, Italy, through the four seasons of the year. Winter in the never-seen-it-so-empty piazza. Spring and all its fresh offerings growing in the backyard. Summer spent exploring other parts of Italy, attending endless parties and festivals. Fall spent with her daughter and grand-child.

She writes about towns I’ve been to; Orvieto, Florence, Rome. Foods I’ve tasted; prosciutto and melon cubes on toothpicks, backed pasta with sausage and four cheeses, seafood stew. Structures I’ve stood and awed at; duomos, piazzas, foundations.

Oh how I envy her life.

Enjoy! xx

[Disclaimer: I am affiliated with The Book Depository and will gain a commission if you decide to buy the book. Thanking you in advance if you do. No obligations.]


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