The Loud and Annoying Russians: Part 1

You remember the Russians I was talking about? The ones that arrived with me on the same day. The ones that pushed in front of me at immigration and I let them, only because I feared they would squash me if I didn’t move. Well, I had to put up with them. For the entire day. Ugh.

And this is how it went…

— 10 Dec 2011 —

First up, after the smorgasboard of fresh fruit, was my dive. The first activity for the fun-filled day.

We were heading towards the dive site called Buddies and it was a relatively easy one. Thank God. I hadn’t dived since our trip to Bali (since there wasn’t many chances in a landlocked country) and was looking forward to it. I hired an underwater camera and then we were off. All 12 of us.

We took a speed boat out to our site and was preparing to dive in. There was a (fat) Russian sitting next to me and before the dive master could finish counting to 3, he went over while kicking me in the face. A little dazed (by both his stupidity and getting a flipper in my face), I was the last to dive in. By then the rest of the group had already started to deflate their BCD and go under. It took me a good 10 minutes to get my bearings (still dazed) and for my ears to adjust (damn you dodgy right ear!), then it was off to see what the Mozambican waters had to offer.

There were schools of fish everywhere (as expected)! Big ones, small ones. Some were playing “hide and go seek” in amongst the corals with the camera lens. There were places where no fishes came to play, only barren land with a few algae covered rocks scattered around the place.

Back on the surface, I managed to stay away from the Russian. I did not want another flipper in the face. The dive was a great one to ease my way back into the diving scene. I was a bit disappointed with the sea life though, it wasn’t really want I expected. I thought there would be more colours, more variety. Just more of everything really. Oh well, next time.

I’d like to make a shout out to *B for being an awesome dive buddy and being so patient with me! He was the only one that stayed with me for the 10 excruciating minutes.

Stay tuned for the next episode with the Russian(s)…


Barra Lodge Dive Center
Dives start from MZM1,600 (with equipment) or MZM1,300 (without equipment)
Equipment can be hired separately from MZM100
t: +258 (0) 82 094 1890


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