The Loud and Annoying Russians: Part 2

— 10 Dec 2011 —

After a considerable amount of beach time, the next activity on the list was a cruise along the canals. The tranquil blue waters, the rows of coconuts trees towering over the shrubbery, the sun setting behind us bathing us in warmth. It was extremely, peaceful.

To be honest, I think I jumped into the holiday too eagerly. Doing this and doing that. Filling every spare time with some sort of activity (sunbathing counts!). And the cruise was a perfect way to sit back and enjoy Inhambane at its finest.

Or so I thought… until the Russians moved to the front deck where I was enjoying the view and the stillness, by myself.

No one else on the boat was talking loud except the Russians. And there was a total of 9 of them. And they wouldn’t stop talking. Or dancing for that matter. They were armed with a portable speaker, an iPod and a playlist of mixed Russian music. There was no escaping them or their music (we were headed out to sea by now). At one stage they even started singing. Karaoke and raving on a boat, is not my type of sunset cruise. But it was lots of fun laughing at them, and with them when they would give each other shit.

We cruised past Flamingo Bay, also part of the Barra Resort Chain. The Russians were staying here, a whole 5 minutes drive from where I was staying. So I only had to see them when they were down at the Dive Center. In hindsight, I’m so glad I didn’t opt for this resort when I was booking my holiday!

We cruised up and down, all around the area, watching the sunset. It wasn’t the usual red, yellow and orange sunset (lack of red dust in the area?), but it was a nice view all the same. Just wish the Russians weren’t singing badly the entire way.

That night, I forgot all about the Russians by stuffing myself with the buffet on offer down at the beach bar. Seafood, red meat, salads, pizza, all you can eat. And washing it down with a local rum mixed with raspberry soda (aka R&R). It was 2 for the price of 1 on shots, so it was like “Bring it on!”

There was a local band serenading us, the drums made out of oil drums, and young dancers performing their hearts out.

I met the pilots and the air hostess (soon-to-be pilot) of a private jet that night. They were here for 3 days because their clients were having a corporate getaway weekend. They regaled on their many flights between the small Mozambican towns and cities, how many times they had been in Inhambane and client scandals. It was nice to have chatted and laughed with them on a balmy summers night. Much better than the Russians!


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