Adeus Mozambique!

It was time to say “Adeus” to Inhambane and all the lovely staff at Barra Lodge.

But not before having another massage down at Flamingo Bay. It was a really weird experience. The room was on the water, to tie in with the design of Flamingo Bay. The room had 2 walls of windows, with barely there curtains. Although I knew no one was on the water (to the best of my knowledge anyways), it was still weird to be undressing down to my knickers with full view out to the ocean. Oh, and what’s even weirder is the toilet. It’s outside!! And you’re peeing into the ocean!!! Obviously you’re not intended to do a number 2 there. I think? Unless they intend for the guests to fertilise the reeds?

Anyways… the massage was fantastic. A much needed end to the beach resort holiday.

I also couldn’t leave without having a coconut drink from the coconut tree outside my room. For MZM20, you can buy a coconut from the owner (all coconut trees belong to someone on the island) and have the barman put pretty umbrellas on it.

With the luggage packed and bills paid, I said my last goodbye to Octavio (the happiest and most helpful receptionist ever!) and rode off on the bumpy road to the airport.

It was the best birthday present to myself to date!


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