My City – Voyage Kitchen & Delicatessen

Now that I’ve been back in town for a few months (not that I’m counting or anything), I’ve been able to get my exercising back into a routine. The weekend routine is stricter than the weekday routine (exercise fits in between work hours and not the other way around) and goes something like this.

Saturday mornings, 08h00 Pilates or jog/walk with the trainer (who really is just my friend who is currently training for a 42km marathon) and 15h30 jog/walk. Sunday morning, 08h00 boxing circuit or jog/walk along the coast with the trainer (when boxing isn’t on).

The Saturday one isn’t so hard to achieve but the Sunday one is a killer. Especially if I’ve had a big night the night before. So as an incentive (basically rewarding myself) for 1) actually waking up early on Sunday mornings and 2) actually doing (sometimes hardcore) exercise, I like to treat myself to some me-time which includes a big breakfast, a hot drink and the weekend paper. And Voyage is the perfect place for it.

My usual consists of a “bowl” of chai latte ($5) and a Normas Salsa big breakfast ($18.50).

I have never liked poached egg, even though I had never tried them, but I really wanted the Normas Salsa. so one time I asked the waiter to change the poached eggs to scrambled eggs. It came with poached eggs (the waiter didn’t come back to tell me the chefs don’t like to change the orders) so I had to eat them (I did put up a fight though). And it changed my world. I have not gone back to my prior-to-poached-eggs life again.

My little brother decided to join me one day and he ordered the Voyage Style Florentine ($18.50). According to him, they were the best eggs Florentine he had ever tasted. I just took his word for it.

The thing I like about Voyage is the homely atmosphere it has. As soon as you walk into the cafe, the staff are welcoming and accommodating. The decor is coastal and the food is rustic. Or maybe it feels homely because there are always so many people there, chatting and laughing, which reminds me of one big happy Italian family. I don’t know. You just got to sit there and soak it in. And while you’re at it, order another hot drink and stay a little longer.

See you there on a Sunday!

Voyage Kitchen & Delicatessen
128 West Coast Dr, Sorrento
Opening hours
Mon – Wed: 06h30 – 17h00
Thu – Sun: 06h30 – Late
t: +61 (0)8 9447 2443 (reservations for parties greater than 8 people)
m: +61 (0)401 660 002 (SMS coffee orders)
w: www.voyagekitchen.com.au (menus available)


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