On the Bedside Table – Whatever You Do, Don’t Run

Only food runs.

Such wise words from Peter Allison. An Australian who, again, fell in love with Africa, after what was meant to be a short holiday (of 12 years!!). What the!!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run tells of his trials and tribulations as a (once) young safari guide in South Africa and Botswana.

From getting a tribal name (Peter Allison aka Ngwenza Indloovu) to living through a plague of mice. From why safari guides should not be too nice to wild animals to how to not be too cranky to your tourists in the morning after a sleepless night, caused by lion mating close to your tent. From how to handle a snake (with the exception of burrowing adders!) and why one should never give up the safari guide gig to become a camp manager.

This book is soo funny and I was seriously shitting myself with some of the things he was telling me. There were moments where I was like “Woah, you seriously did that?” and “How could someone be so stupid?” but then I would think, that’s exactly what you had to do (to survive!) when you’re out in the Okavango Delta.

Ahh, I urge you to read this book. It brought back so many good memories of the Delta for me. Love it.

Enjoy! xx

[Disclaimer: I am affiliated with The Book Depository and will gain a commission if you decide to buy the book. Thanking you in advance if you do. No obligations.]


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