[update] Quickie – July Travel Plans

Well, the first change would be the fact I’m not going to be travelling in July. I will be going in August instead. I totally forgot my cousin from NYC (why he wants to visit Perth is beyond me), and because he flew 24 hours to come see us, I thought I’d stay in town for the entire month (pulling out my hair).

Anyways I digress.

On Tuesday last week, I became one of those people who had travel plans locked in for the year. I couldn’t find the stats as back up but I’m sure I’m one of many. For example, boy *K is in Sydney, girl *K is in Chile and some friends are on their way to Mexico as I write. So I’m 1 in 5 that I know of.

Now before you have time to say “What? Another tour?!”, I can explain. I had to take a tour because there is no other way to get from one point to the other!! I swear!!

So my trip will go something like this…

Work to airport.

Flight from Perth to Alice Springs.

Day 1: Alice Springs/Kata Tjuta and Uluru. The sunset!!!
Day 2-3: Uluru/Kings Canyon/Alice Springs.
Day 4-5: Alice Spring/Banka Banka/Katherine Gorge. Daly Waters pub!!!
Day 6: Katherine Gorge/Darwin. Canoeing down the river!!!
Day 7: Darwin/Mary River. Spotting crocodiles on a river cruise!!!
Day 8-9: Mary River/Kakadu/Darwin. Bush camping!!!

Extra day in Darwin.

Flight from Darwin to Perth.

Airport to work.

I can’t wait to take a picture like this… or better!!!

Photo courtesy of Solo Traveler: Pic of the Week contest.

Sorry if you’re jealous.


Just letting you all know I’m currently planning a trip to Darwin with *E. We met up on the weekend to go through our Lonely Planet books and we have a rough plan. And by rough, I mean we plan to fly into Darwin and somehow make our way down to the red center and back.

I really need to get away from the cold. My fingertips are about to fall off!

So if any of you have any suggestions/recommendations, let me know via the contact form. Would love to hear from you.

I’ll keep you all posted!


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