My City – Origins Restaurant

*K and I were overdue for a (platonic) date. Instead of heading to our usual restaurant, we headed to the exclusive Origins Restaurant at the Pan Pacific Perth Hotel (formerly known at Sheraton Hotel) for a 3-course meal. Normally valued at $171, we got ours at a bargain $99 as part of Travelzoo’s Top 20 deals. Score!

Origins Restaurant was awarded a Chef’s Hat in the 2012 Australian Good Food & Travel Guide Awards, meaning it is really really good, but we were going to be the judge of that. I was super excited about going but didn’t want to have too much expectation, just in case.

It was a very quiet night for the restaurant, and there were only 4 diners when we finally got our food. The staff was extremely attentive and friendly. Our waiter, Pawel, was extremely chatty and playful. I thought he may have liked boys at one stage, what with the flapping hands and little girly twirls (yes, it did happen).

To start things off for the evening, we were treated to an amuse bouche of mushroom soup. It was extremely thick and creamy and went down like a treat, on a cold winter’s night.

For entrees, I had the beetroot carpaccio with candied walnuts, goat’s cheese feta and orange segments ($22). It was delicious. The beetroot was sliced so thinly you could see through it and the goat’s cheese was so creamy. I had to watch out for the candied walnuts as I had my wisdom teeth out recently. *K had the caramelised pork belly, celeriac puree, seared scallop, black pudding and frothy pea foam ($24). We didn’t talk at all during this course as we were both savouring the food. *K did groan a bit though.

We were treated to a sorbet ($4.50 each) as a palette cleanser. There are only 2 varieties on the menu so we got 1 of each. Heirloom carrot and orange for me and raspberry and rose petal for *K. When the waiter was serving it, he was taken by surprise when we said the raspberry was for *K. We both thought the heirloom carrot was the best and the raspberry one a tad too sweet.

For the main course, I ordered the pan-fried snapper with fennel cauliflower puree, almond & sultana tabbouleh and crispy flowerets ($40) and K* ordered the best end of lamb with fondant potato, crisp celeriac, confit garlic, shallot puree and lamb reduction ($42). To complement both our meals, we ordered a side of hand-cut fries (I just wanted to eat some starch). There was no talking during this course either. Although I ordered the snapper, I swear I got snapper. No complaints from me as I was still getting my Omega-3 for the day.

And finally to cap off the night, it was dessert time! I was telling Pawel how I would’ve loved 3 courses of desserts similar to the dessert degustation in Barcelona, but unfortunately he wouldn’t let me. So I had to settle for the lemongrass chocolate mousse, kafir lime and coconut sorbet ($15), and K* settled for the cinnamon doughnuts, milk puree, croissant ice cream and hot chocolate ($15). He ordered this purely because he thought he would still be hungry after the first 2 courses. He regretted it after and could not finish all of it. I was extremely happy with my dessert although it was way too pretty to demolish at the start.

I’m looking forward to trying the caramelised apple cider jelly, muscovado ice cream and white rum gel ($17) next time.

Overall, it was the best fine dining experience I’ve had in a long time. The carefully selected mix of ingredients, textures and tastes was truly amazing. If someone had told me that I would be eating carrot sorbet, I would’ve told them that’s gross. I mean like pfft, carrot in a sorbet. Oh and other than *K breaking the news of him going away for 2 months AND he started “seeing” someone (how inconsiderate are guys?), I was a happy (and fully stuffed) girl that night. I would go back again (with or without a voucher) and try all the desserts (4 on the menu), if Pawel lets me.

PS. Sorry about the bad photos. The lighting was extremely dim and my Photoshop skills aren’t too flash.

Origins Restaurant
Open for dinner on Tuesday to Saturday 6.30pm to late
207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
t: +61 (0)8 9224 7777
e: enquiry.ppper@panpacific.com (for reservations)
w: www.panpacific.com/en/Perth/restaurants_bars/origins_restaurant (seasonal menu available)


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