Month Long Hiatus

Sorry for the month-long absence.

My cousin was in town and finding activities to do in sleepy ole Perth was a full-time job in itself. However we managed. Good thing he was cool with just chillin’ at home most of the time.

Here’s how we spent some of the time…

1) Eating our way through some of Perth’s eateries.

(Welcome) Breakfast at Voyage Kitchen.

Mexican beans at The Wild Fig.

Beef burgers at Alfred’s.

Huddled up in a booth at Dome. Hiding from the howling wind.

It was all about meat at Lapa’s Brazilian Barbeque. Ribs were f-ing amazing!

2) Exploring the vineyards of the Swan Valley and the historical town of Guildford.

Getting up close and personal at Lancester Winery.

Chocolate wheels at Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Dark, white, milk. Dark, white, milk.

Sandalford Winery. I can’t believe we only left with 6 bottles!

3) Taking advantage of the gorgeous Perth winter’s day.

4) Hanging out with the big-screen showing Ice Age 4 and The Dark Knight Rises. At least I had a legit excuse for watching Ice Age 4.

It was fantastic. We all had a great time; exploring, chillin’ and enjoying each other’s company. Too bad it flew by so quick. One month went *click*, just like that.

Till next time cuz,


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