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A Glimpse of Alice

So I’m back in Perth after a short walkabout up in the Northern Territory, the only “state” that I haven’t been to on mainland Australia. Next stop will be Tasmania, and that’ll be Australia done and dusted.

Now onto the adventure we go…

— 13 Aug 2012 —

Today was the day. I was going to start my first real Aussie outback adventure. First stop, Alice Springs. I was super excited but I didn’t know what to expect. Was this going to be as good as the African outback? Why am I getting myself back on a camping trip? My back is gonna hurt like hell again, ain’t it? Fears aside, I started out the trip with a bang.

I don’t know what it is about me, but I seem to experience a lot of FAIL moments at the most inappropriate times. Like today, for example. For those of you who follow my tweets, you will know all about it already but for those who don’t, I’ll tell it again (you should jump on board at @scvstheworld to get this news as soon as it happens).

First fail for the day. The boarding pass clearly said I’d be boarding the plane at Gate 33. Now, you would think I should head to the terminal with the signs saying Gates 16-33 right? WRONG. Instead of finding Gate 33 and waiting for my flight with my Sumo Salad salad, I get told there is only 26 gates.

W.T.F. !!!!!!!!!

I must have walked terminal to terminal about 6 times. Each time seeing that guy sitting outside the bookstore giving me weird looks. Yes dude, I know I’ve been this way before. Each time seeing the girl who sold me the travel pillow. No I haven’t come back to exchange it. Each time seeing that Gates 16-33 sign. You lie!!! Gah. In the end, I took my salad on the plane and my stomach was eating itself slowly while we were climbing up to the right altitude.

Second fail for the day. I like to take aerial shots of the land I fly over. I like to see the colours and the shapes the land forms from above. Not many people get to see the view from above. And Uluru would be perfect. A giant mound in the middle of nothing. But no. Qantas decided to sit me at the window on the left side and all the while flying to the left of Uluru. Gah.

Failures aside, I arrived in Alice and at the hostel in one piece (thank you Qantas and airport shuttle man) and got to exploring the town in no time.

I found a cute community board on the way into town. Only small towns can get away with these. Cute.

It took a whole 20 minutes to walk to the CBD, around the CBD and back to my original spot in front of Woolworths. In that 20 minutes, I discovered there was a peculiarly named restaurant (Stumps. Does the name make you want to go and eat there?), many Aboriginal arts and cultural centers, a suitable amount of banks, credit societies, fast food chains and places to sleep, and a well hidden gem in the name of La Casalinga Pizza Bar. In the Top 10 list (currently sitting at 10 out of 43) of restaurants to eat at in Alice, as voted by the people. And the best pizza base I’ve tasted in a long time. Don’t mind the out-dated decor, little make shift bar and the takeaway counter attached to the 10 or so table restaurant. All that doesn’t matter because the pizzas are amazingly delicious. From the ingredients, to the crusty thin base, to the love (bless the little Italian couple) that goes into preparing every meal. You need to go and get some for yourself!

Stuffed with a full pizza and exploration antics completed, I couldn’t wait for Uluru tomorrow. But not the 05h00 wakeup call. Gah.


La Casalinga Pizza Bar
105 Gregory Terrace, Alice Springs
t: + 61 (0)8 8952 4508


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Alice

    • You would not believe it even if you were on the trip with me sjodibeth!! And there’s more failures to come. I stopped counting after 3 days…

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