Day 2 of Leg 1: Yulara to George Gills

— 15 Aug 2012 —

Now that I’m done nerding out… I’ll like to tell you about the rest of the day.

The Journey

Point A: Yulara
Point B: George Gills Range
Distance: 302km

Nothing about the journey had changed much from the previous day. I mean, the scenery was the same. Grass, bush, rock. Grass, bush, rock. We were again all cramped and hot, even though the AC was on full blast. Everyone was either sleeping or sleeping. I was looking at my reflection.

So I was quite grateful when we made a (bush) toilet stop. Conveniently at Lake Amadeus, the largest salt pan in Northern Territory, which apparently contains up to 600 million tonnes of salt. This totally makes up for the time I missed out on seeing the pans in Botswana.

According to the locals, the salt pans exist from one of the Dreamtime stories about two brothers who went walkabout. The older one was being a shit bully and kept taking food from the younger one. This continued for some time and the younger one kept going without. Soon enough, the younger brother got very sick. The older brother went to get some (proper) food and when he came back, the younger brother had died. The older brother carried the younger brother as close to home as possible, however the heat was too hot to bear so he had to rest. And he cried and cried and cried, till he was surrounded by water. Which has become Lake Amadeus today with the island as the resting place for the younger brother.

As well as a resting place for the brother in a Dreamtime story, it is also a great viewing point of Mount Connor. Or otherwise known Fool-aru by the Adventure Tours guides. It looks (sort of) similar to Uluru but it’s not. Obviously. But apparently, everyone ALWAYS gets fooled. (I admit I was fooled. Big time.). In hindsight, it actually looks like a mini Table Mountain. You can judge for yourself.

Onward we went, as Sara wanted to make it to the camp before sunset. She did a great job getting us there in time because as we arrived, the last of the sunlight was shining on the range. Now would you look at the colour? Absolutely stunning.

And as much as we hoped for a better nights sleep, the George Gill Hilton is NOT part of the Hilton Chain. Just in case you thought otherwise. Nothing fancy but comfortable. At least it had a roof, door and bed. WITH A MATTRESS. Albeit a foam one. But a mattress all the same.

Toni and I cooked green curry chicken (with an awful pre-made sauce. Never again.) for dinner and then it was off to bed.

But not without a long gaze at the blanket of stars above us.



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