Day 3 of Leg 1: George Gills to Alice Springs

— 16 Aug 2012 —

After the hike, we continued with our journey towards Alice Springs. It was going to be a race against the clock, trying to get back to Alice before sunset.

The Journey

Point A: George Gills
Point B: Alice Springs
Distance: 330km (but totally convinced it was WAY longer than that)

There wasn’t much along the way despite taking a different route home. We did find that we had been travelling on the Red Centre Way all along, which is one of Great Australia’s Road Trips. What a nice structure out in the middle of nowhere.

I tried my hand at hitch hiking and got no takers. Fail. Granted only 3 cars drove past and they probably saw our bus on the side and thought I was joking. I WAS NOT JOKING. I didn’t particularly want to go back to Alice. (I’ve just noticed I was standing on the side going towards Alice. Fail.)

Sara tried to make our road trip a bit more interesting by getting us to play a game. Who can rip a fantale chocolate wrapper into the longest strand? You should have seen everyone. All on a mission. So focused. And the winner? Me! And the reward? More chocolate. Awesome.

As we neared Alice, I made a speech on behalf of the group and thanked Sara for keeping us safe and being such an enthusiastic tour guide. And for the reward for that? David, Frank, Toni and I got a bottle of free sparkling to take on our next trip! It was leftover from the Uluru sundowner. Thank you to our group for not being alcoholics.

Thanks again Sara! See you on the west coast next time.


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