The Devil and its Marbles

— 17 Aug 2012–

The highlight for today was Karlu Karlu, or better know as Devils Marbles to the westerners. The marbles signify massive granite boulders which are scattered across the conversation reserve, some in tact while others are split in pieces due to temperature differences during the weathering process.

The reserve is huge and visitors can wander at their leisure. I’m not sure what the rules are for climbing the marbles, but that didn’t stop David and Frank, who were climbing all the obscurely arranged ones. At one point of our trek, I remember thinking how Frank could climb all the rocks with his short legs. Seriously, they’re as short as mine.

The marbles are not arranged in any particular order or way. It’s just how they were formed and that’s how they’ve stayed. I don’t believe this because there is no way the marbles could have naturally formed to be balanced on top of each other or even on a little pedestal of its own. But whatever, believe what you want.

The below two marbles are the most photographed marbles out of the entire reserve. They have been in so many photo shoots for tour brochures and tourism campaigns for the Australian Outback and the territory. I felt privileged to have been able to meet them.


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