[just in] Hottest travel destinations of 2013

This one came in over the weekend.

My first thought. “What the fuck? It’s only October!!!”. But then I checked the calendar and although it is still October, it’s already the middle of October!! When did that happen? A mere 8 weeks till my birthday (holy jeebus!) and 11 weeks till Christmas. So after I stopped fretting about, I came to accept this one will be the first of many travel “lists” I’ll read associated with 2013.

And first on the list? Australia!

Now they only talk about Hobart/Tasmania but I think you should do the whole of Australia while you’re here. Visit Perth and surroundings in summer and get a taste of our beaches. You’ll be thinking they’re the best before you leave! Visit Sydney for the “BIG city” feel and enjoy being a tourist at the Opera House, Bondi Beach and the blue Mountains. Visit Melbourne for the coffee and DFOs, if it’s the only thing you do there. And while you’re there, you might as well take a trip into South Australia and get a taste of our world-renowned wines in the Barossa Valley. Now that you’ve managed to stay 6 months, it’s the best time to head north to Alice and Darwin, and then across to Queensland. With all those enticing cities and things to do, add it onto your travel for next year.

Hot island destinations include the small island of Hawaii. Apparently it’s becoming hot on the travel list for Australians and I believe it. My parents went last year and their photos were amazing! And Tahiti. This is an easily accessible destination for those on the east coast or those who live in North America, as it is considered stopover point for those on long haul flights. What better way to enjoy a stopover than sun, clear blue waters and cocktails with pretty umbrellas? I can’t think of one.

The UAE made it on the list because of the recent Qantas-Emirates alliance. Dubai will become the rival stopover point to Singapore for those long haul flights from Australia to London and the rest of Europe. With this, I suspect more and more of us will be making a visit to this slice of heaven.

My favourite? Spain! I’ve put it on my parent’s European escapade list.

Get the entire list here and make your own decisions. No doubt I’ll be seeing more of these later in the year.


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