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Canoeing on the Katherine

—  19 Aug 2012 —

We were given a choice of optional activities to do when in Katherine; hiking, river cruise, canoeing, helicopter ride. Our choices were varied depending on our budget. Toni and I chose the canoeing, in order to get some much needed exercise and arm toning. I just wanted to give my legs a break, which I’ve wanted to do since King’s Canyon.

Those of us who were going for the canoe, checked in with the rangers at the canoe point, got our sexy life jackets on and then were off. Racing against each other at the start but then leisurely as we went around the first bend.

We had a total of 3.5 hours of admiring the drastic landscape, leisurely paddling up the stream, climbing over boulders, topping up the tan, taking in the moments of quietness broken only by our paddles gliding through the water and waving to the slackers who had decided to take the cruise instead.

And boy, it was a magnificent way to spend the morning. I can’t recommend a better way to spend a morning in Katherine!

Katherine River is made up of a total of 13 gorges, all interconnected with rapids and falls. Between each section (I’m assuming it’s the similar to the first gorge which is where we were), you need to get off and climb through some sections of the gorges in order to continue up the gorge. It’s a good way to stretch the legs and un-numb the butt.

We got up close and personal with the edge at one stage when the wind picked up. Having studied geology during my first year of university, many moons ago and not actually remembering much, it was fascinating to see how the rock face had eroded and weathered over the millions of years.

I have a phobia of things being over my head, for example, I won’t walk under scaffolding in the city or ever go cave diving. Thus Toni and I steered away from the cantilever edge, only getting close enough to get a photo.

Canoeing is $35.50 pp for a double, $48 pp for a single. This is for a 4 hour round trip. You can go as fast or as slow as you want but I reckon you should take your time and just enjoy it.

We definitely did.


Nitmiluk National Park
Giles Street, Nitmiluk, NT
(30km east of Katherine town)
w: (for tours and bookings)
t: 1300 146 743 (within Australia) or +618 (0) 8972 1253 (outside Australia)


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