Day 2 of Leg 3: Litchfield to Kakadu National Park

— 21 Aug 2012 —

An adventure filled day in the Kakadu National Park today. Having been to many national parks, this one was extra special because of the original Aboriginal rock art. One of the things that enticed me to go on my walkabout was the rock art. I wanted to see it. I wanted to touch it. Most of the pieces are now barricaded off to preserve the piece, so doing one of the two is still a win.

The Journey

Point A: Litchfield National Park
Point B: Kakadu National Park
Distance: 299km

But before that, Debdum had a leisurely stroll planned for us. The sun had come up fast and was baring down on our necks and shoulders, slowly sizzling and turning them to a golden brown (olive skins) or a tomato red (English skin). Even through the thickest trees, the sun rays were on our skins.

Thankfully, our stroll ended at a waterfall in which we could go for a dip. The water was glistening with a film of sunscreen, refreshing, sweet and the pressure from the waterfall was giving us all a great head and back massage.

On our way back to the bus, we managed to dry off and didn’t have to wet the seats at all. The sun does marvellous things, other than give me a glowing tan. Who knew? On the way to Burrungui (or Nourlangie to the Westerners), home to the major rock art sites, we saw wild horses (and a random skeleton)! There aren’t many of them around nowadays because of the culling so it was a treat.

Burrunggui is divided into two parts; the self-named higher part and Anbangbang, the lower part where the billabong is. At Burrunggui, we came across the original sites where the locals used to live. And here, they painted numerous pieces on the walls and roofs of their home.

As you know, the paintings are not random works of art (like abstract art – in my opinion). Each painting either comes from a Dreamtime story or is a piece of survival knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.

This particular piece tells the story of Namarrgon, the lightning God.

After our cultural experience, we went for another leisurely stroll around the Anbangbang billabong. This one not as big as the Corrobee billabong but still had the risk of crocodiles roaming around.

After all of that, Debdum thought we still hadn’t had enough exercise, so he suggested we should hike up one of the smaller hills. What?

So what did I do?

Persevere and succeed!


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