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Day 3 of Leg 3: Chasing Waterfalls

— 22 Aug 2012 —

We had a rather heated discussion last night to discuss what time we were going to start the trip. I put forward that 5 of us needed to be in Darwin for a dinner reservation, and thinking it would sit well with everyone (we needed to be in Darwin by 8pm!!), well it didn’t. 7am was still too early to leave. What the fuck? I wanted to say “you people need to harden the fuck up and go on one of Sara’s tours where we started at 6:30am or earlier!” Needless to say, most of us wanted to leave early and the others just had to agree. Wow, our first argument.

Well, after Debdum had to listen to us bicker like bitches, he told us what he had planned for us. We were going to chase waterfalls! It brought back memories of TLC. (Yes, that’s how old I am.)

The Journey

Point A: Kakadu National Park
Point B: Darwin
Distance: 353 km (a bit more because of the roaming within the park)

First stop, Twin Falls.

Back in the old days, you could have swam out to the rocks however you have to take a boat ride out now because of the increase in crocodiles in the river. The last one the rangers caught was 5 metres long! They still have the cage near the nesting area.

Once you reach the rocks, you have to clamber over rocks, walk on a platform, try not to slip into the voids and then finally you will reach a beach from where you can look at the falls. And not much else. It was a bit of anti-climax. Plus it there were 3 falls, so technically it should be called Triple Falls. I asked the ranger about the name and he even said they haven’t seen “Twin” Falls in ages. It’s always more than 2 falls. Fail.

According to this, there is a hike on offer to the top of the falls where you can go swimming. Not having done it, I’m 100% confident it’s more fun than sitting on the beach and watching water trickle down the rocks.

As much as we wanted to keep watching the water, we had to move on. Thank God. There were only so many photos of the falls I could take. I think I took one at every angle.

Surprise surprise, we had to trek once again to see Jim Jim Falls. Jim Jim was at the end of a 1km hike. Up and over boulders. Through the waters. In between the trees and branches, getting scratches on our tanned legs.

There was a safe swimming area and the water was FREAKING COLD. You know when you first turn on the water in the shower and you don’t get out-of-the-way fast enough and there’s that SHOCK and quick jump backwards into the shower door? Well, that was how I felt as I dipped each toe into the water.

You know how I thought Twin Falls was an anti-climax. Jim Jim didn’t disappoint. To be an even more of an anti-climax. After freezing my boobs off and slipping on the algae covered boulders, I made it into the other pool area (which was even colder) to see the fall. But there wasn’t one. There was though, the tiniest of trickle down one corner of the rocks. The trickle was so small, you had to small out to the rock face to see it properly. A trickle no different to you having a leaky tap.

This is where Kat tried to make me forget the cold. It worked, although my lower half was already numb and all I could feel was a tingling sensation in my legs.

After all that “fun”, we made it back to the bus for the journey home to Darwin. Needless to say, we were all knackered from the day’s adventures and I was thankful I could nap on the way back.

Thank you Debdum for being such an accommodating, monotonic, “I couldn’t give a fuck” tour guide. Sorry to say but you need to get a new job and get your pizzazz back.


When deciding to visit Kakadu National Park and all that it has to offer, be sure to check out the latest visitors information. The park is made up of several regions and each one is good to visit at different times of the year.

Like below, you would totally get stuck in the wet season which is not so cool.


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