[reblogged] Embedding Images from Instagram

Just when I thought WordPress couldn’t get cooler, he (although the post is written by a girl) comes around and gives me a nudge saying “Hey, I’m not done here” with…

Wait for it…

A way to allow us to embed our Instagram pictures on posts!!

The timing is perfect because I’ve been thinking of a new segment for the blog lately. As Perth heads into summer, I will be doing less actual travelling and more of the routine-y stuff, stuff that doesn’t really warrant a full-on post, unless it’s a restaurant or book review. These include going to the beach, grabbing a milkshake with the girls, seeing a cool looking cloud on the way to the shops, you know, random stuff like that. Now with Instagram, which I’m ALWAYS on, I can capture a [snapshot] or two of my everyday life for your enjoyment (I hope you do enjoy, if not, say so!). This will also allow for me to take you on the journey as I embark on a new project.

And that is… renovating my new house!!!

Although there’s not much to do with the structure itself, it’s the interior design which I’m really looking forward to. The house comes fully furnished so it’ll be a challenge to fit old and new, vintage and modern, and create my own style. Whatever that turns out to be.

So readers, hope you will embark on this journey with me. Blood, sweat and tears will go into this, but I won’t show you any of that (I mean, I won’t show you when I get a cut from doing something stupid with the paintbrush or when I’m bawling my eyes out because I’ve hurt my back so bad from lifting a shelf). I’ll show you the inspirations, the colours, the artwork and everything in between. Just the pretty things.

Watch this space and don’t go “un-following” me! I promise it’ll be a good segment.

Now, just for the Instagram widget and WordPress app link on Instagram, and life would be all the more grander.


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