[reblogged] What Do I Desire?

It was a cold and gloomy day yesterday. The clouds had set in and rain was coming down in all directions. My 3 week old plant didn’t look like it was going to survive against the hail pelting down on it. So naturally, one would stay in the comfort of one’s sanctuary, in one’s comfy clothes (read: PJs) trolling the internet for the latest and greatest news.

And I found this inspiration weekend video from the lovely couple at Life Out of the Box.

He asks the million dollar question: What do you really want to do with your life, if money was no object?

To most, money is an object. A necessity. Money is that thing; you exchange for a loaf of bread, you give your children as a reward for doing the dishes, you use to pay for the fuel to get to your partner’s house, you keep for that rainy day. These things and more, require money is some way, shape or form. Thus, to most, being stuck in the rat race is the way of life. Whether we like it or not.

But Alan Watts, puts it in another perspective. He believes, to chase money, is to waste life. And to spend you life doing something you don’t like doing is just that. Wasting your life. Living a short life doing what you love is better than living a long life being miserable, wishing you were doing something else.

My colleagues and I have been discussing this topic recently because one of the lotto systems had $70 million up for grabs. Sadly, there were no winners and the jackpot has now risen to $100 million. The mutual thoughts were, we would still be doing what we’re doing but like to be more charitable and more time off. The usual first world problems we encounter.

For now, I’ll continue with the rat race. I like dealing the idiots my company seems to always hire. I like the friendly faces I’ve worked with for the last 5 years. I like contributing to Africa’s wealth by developing solutions to process their mineral rich lands. For I am one of the lucky ones who actually enjoys my job (but not getting paid the big bucks for it!!).


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