The (Old) New Year Resolutions

I completed a Christmas display for a retail shop a month ago. The Christmas decorations have been out in shop displays for 2 months. This only means one thing, Christmas is upon us (once again) and I’m internally freaking out that it’s that time of the year again!!!

In amongst all the hype of Santa parading down the CBD and the craze of buying all the presents before December, I thought I’d review my old new year resolutions and see how my progress is going. That way I know what the resolutions will be for next year.

1. Take at least 4 holidays, 2 more in and around Africa. Check (1 pending) and check.

2. Get over my fear of the cold and venture into the northern hemisphere for a winter adventure, hopefully Germany for the Christmas markets. I’m going somewhere warmer for Christmas so I guess this will have to be on next years list. Here’s hoping I don’t spend the entire travel kitty during this silly season. 

3. Learn more and experience more in different foods and cultures. I want to take more cooking classes, read more about the history of Africa and its many wars, indulge in the traditional way of life of the people. Check, check and check. I had a great time learning about the Sans and their way of life. How did life change so rapidly whereby now we are obsessed with the latest gadgets and mobile internet is a necessity?

4. Couchsurf more. Be it surfing, hosting or participating in community events. All over the world. Check. I have met some amazing people this year through several meetings. I have been the tour guide for some and a pair of ears for others. I hope to do a bit of hosting in my new pad next year.

5. Finish blogging about my 2011 adventures, I’ll get through them… there’s so many of them!! Then move onto the 2010 adventures. Promise. This one is a hard one to achieve, seeing as I still have some 2012 adventures left to tell. Let’s see what I can do in the remaining weeks of the year…


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