[just in] Most expensive expat cities

Sorry readers for falling off the face of the earth whilst I was getting all my shit sorted for my house, volunteering (PS. We raised over $10,000!!) and getting ready for Christmas!

This post has been sitting in draft for a while so it was [just in] back in November. Keep it in mind if you want a change after all the Christmas hype. I know I will as I’ve wanted to move to North America for (nearly) 5 years now. For some reason; be it laziness, work, life or fear, I just haven’t got round to it just yet.

So earlier in November, I had an epiphany (partly inspired by Life out of the Box), I need to get my arse into gear and out of this rut that I’m currently riding. I need start applying for a working visa and get the hell out of here.

After reading about the most expensive expat cities (Tokyo, Luanda, Moscow, Singapore and London), I was glad I’m not planning to move to any of the Top 30 most expensive expat cities.

The ones I found most surprising in the list were; Kinshasa (#10), New York City (#22) and Bogota (#28). I couldn’t believe Kinshasa was more expensive than NYC! Sure, the food is expensive is Kinshasa, but surely the rent in Manhattan makes up the difference. Bogota, only because my Colombian friends have told me.

Oh well, I don’t need to worry as I want to move to somewhere in Canada which is not part of the list. Phew.

My next chapter is about to start. As soon as I get the clearance, the visa, a job…


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