[reblogged] 50 Reasons I’m Grateful to be Car-less

(Another one stuck in draft)


I’m a simple girl. I like the simple life.

I had the best time of my life, in the 2 years of living out of my suitcase and satchel as I worked (and gallivanted) around Africa, Europe and the US. 5 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, toiletries, medical kit and my dart set (for pleasure and self-defence). Ahh, those were good times I wish I could have back.

Why am I suddenly thinking back to happier (but tough) times? Well, because I recently discovered Milwaukee & Beyond on Freshly Pressed. Her post on 50 Reasons I’m Grateful to be Car-less reminded me of the days when I was free. Free from having to spend a cent on running a car (and house) and basically doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

The writer behind Milwaukee & Beyond and I have something in common. We’re the same age, Sagittarians and both started with the journals then turned to the blogging world in order to remember. To remember all the crazy things we see/do/hear just by taking public transport, using our own two feet and immersing ourselves within the community.

Things I wouldn’t have seen/done/heard…

  • Wandered aimlessly around London and found the best cafe in Islington;
  • Been held up by Congolese army whilst roaming the streets with *M;
  • Discovered the shittiest “zoo” in Zimbabwe;
  • Met and travelled to Niagara Falls with some random Koreans;
  • Discovered the off-the-beaten-track tracks of Lesotho;
  • Found the oldest pub in Livingstone;
  • Discovered the popular inner city bus routes of most major cities I’ve been to.

I will be taking public transport next time and the time after that. Just to add more random things onto the list. And to save the planet.


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