The Year that was 2012

It feels like I was writing “The Year that was 2011” yesterday. Where the hell did that year go? It felt like it came and went like several of the freak storms we’ve had in Perth… in Summer?!

Just a re-cap of all things exciting during year 2012.


Chinese New Year came early this year. I missed out on coming home from site for Christmas and (Western) New Years so the Project Manager let me go home for Chinese New Year.

It was a big one.

Several 12 course meals here, there and everywhere. Throw in a bunch of ang pows and several dancing lions, and you get yourself one BIG ARSE celebration.


I resigned from my position on site and was headed home. I decided it was time to hang up the steel capped boot for this year. I needed to get acquainted with civilisation again, and rejuvenate my social life. I needed more excitement and meaning to my life.

That, and a whining grandmother was also eating at my conscience.

But before jumping on the plane back to Perth, there was time for a jaunt down to Namibia. I passed through and spent time in my (now) favourite place of all time, the Okavango Delta; and had a quickie in Windhoek, the surprisingly cultural centre of Namibia.

And not forgetting a whirlwind weekend in Joburg with my friends. There is always time for them.

I arrived home just in time to celebrate the union of Mr. & Mrs. Huynh in South Perth. It was great to be part of something momentous. And it felt good to wear makeup and a dress.

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I started working on a Kazakhstan project in the office and that was the end of my social life as I knew it. There were an endless number of meetings each day, 50+ hours per week and cultural differences between Australia and Kazakhstan.

The upside to this was working with a bunch of great girls (first time I’d ever worked with girls), learning a shit load about scheduling and budgeting and an office with a view. The view makes up for it all.


My brother finally graduated into a (proper) lawyer. It was a pretty special day. It was the first time I’d been in the courts (and I’d like to keep it that way) and *wipes a tear away* my little brother was growing up. He got a haircut and a real job while he was at it.

Just another 40 years of working…

Also, my cousin was in town from New York and it was pretty cool. I hadn’t seen him for 2 years and the rest of the family hadn’t seen him for 6 or 7 years. I tried to take him out and about, but in the end, I became so poor (from forking out for EVERYTHING) that it was time to just chill at home.

Till this day, I give him shit about how much “debt” I’m still in. Fun times!


A miserable winter in Perth made me take an impromptu trip up to the Northern Territory. I started in Alice Springs and travelled all the way up to Darwin, in style no less. It was just what I needed.


Back from the trip and suffering from post travel depression, I set out to look for a house. And I found it. My dream house. You know the one with wooden floors, high ceilings and a huge entertaining area? Yeah that one.

And who could forget the union of Mr. and Mrs. Wong. A beautiful couple, deserving of each other, and bound for blissful happiness in their marriage. Friends from overseas were there for the celebrations and it made it just that little bit better.

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Madly getting everything sorted for the house. Packing, DIY-ing, more packing. There seemed to be an endless list of chores on top of that. Who knew it would be this hard?!

I (read: the parents) blessed the house, warding off all the bad spirits and made the house my home.


It was time to get jolly. Birthday month AND Christmas. It was my first Christmas in town after missing the last two so I was getting into mood early on in the month. And who could blame me with all the shops and the city having all the decorations on display since October!

Summer was taking its sweet arse time to come and settle in so I took advantage of the shitty weather to put up the Christmas trees, prepare the gifts and rearrange the house so it was ready for the Christmas luncheons.

Looking back now, that was a hectic year. No wonder it flew by. Next time, I’ll try to stop and smell the roses more often (or in my case, the kangaroo paw plants I intend to put in the garden).

Hope you had a great 2012. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday, many travels and plenty of rest and recovery for an amazing 2013 ahead!

S xx


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