Day 1/12: Selamat Datang to KK!

Hello readers, I’m back!! Mentally refreshed, nicely roasted and ready for a new year! Hope you all had a great break and spent many hours with your loved ones.

As you know, I went away for the holiday season with the family and we are all still alive! It was a challenging 12 days, but we survived and I live to tell the tales.

So here goes…

— 25 Dec 2012 —

We had an early flight out of Perth on Christmas Day so I spent a good part of Christmas Day stuck on a plane or wandering aimlessly around the airport waiting for the next flight. Sure there’s nothing to do in Perth International but there’s heaps to do in Changi Airport. To this day, Changi is one of my favourite airports to stop at. I love seeing the orchids, the koh fish and eating the free samples of dried pork slices.

But finally, at roughly 14h00, we made it to Kota Kinabalu. My first thought off the plane? IT’S SO HOT. I think I started to sweat as soon as my feet stepped onto the bridge connection between the plane and the airport. NO JOKE.

We found our driver and it was straight to the Le Meridein in KK CBD. I would normally never stay in hotels, but seeing as the parents were paying for the flights and hotels, yes I will stay there thank you very much. I haven’t stayed in a hotel in SO long. It was good. The soft slippers, fluffy bath robes, free toiletries, an AC unit you can change the temperature on! I was in heaven.

After showering off all the airport smells and jet lag, we immediately set out in the heat to find food. We didn’t need to go far as there was a hawker shop round the corner. I just wanted my nasi lemak so I couldn’t care less where we went.

After a feast of nasi  (yes I know it’s different from the lemak), roti and noodle soup (all of which cost AU $15!!!), my father thought it would be a great idea to walk in the blistering heat. We did this for a couple of hours, adjusted to our surroundings and pin-pointed whereabouts we would like to go for dinner (that was pretty much the mission for the entire trip).

A quick (much needed) nap, and we were off to find dinner. And what an experience. We decided on Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant as 1) it was recommended on TripAdvisor and 2) it was a 10 mins walk from our hotel. The restaurant specialises in live seafood and fresh vegetables which you get to pick and it will be cooked for you straight away.

There was a soiree of seafood to choose from and it was all a bit mind boggling but we settled for some prawns, oyster pancake, cockles, another type of shellfish, squid, satay sticks and vegetables.

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With our bellies full, we rolled down the street into the nearest shopping centre and feasted on the selection of shoes, clothes and other random crap that was on sale. We stayed till close and made our way across the road to the Filipino market to get some fresh coconut juice (the first of many!).

It had been a long day and it was back to the hotel for a good night rest, ready for another adventure tomorrow.


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