Day 2/12: Getting Cultured with the Parents

So while everyone was battling each other at the Boxing Day sales, I was trying to teach my parents a bit of culture…

— 26 Dec 2012 —

My parents aren’t big culture fans. My father is just pro-Chinese EVERYTHING (and hates it when I bag the Chinese) and my mother is usually just minding her own business in her own little bubble. I can’t wait to see how they fare when they’re in Europe later in the year.

So when we all decided to check out the Sabah Museum and all things Borneo, it was going to be interesting. How were they going to survive a whole day in the museum and cultural centre?

First stop, the Museum. No photos allowed but that shouldn’t stop you from getting all the information about the Bajaus and the Iranuns and their traditional costumes, learn about head-hunting and their ugly head-hanging traditions, read about the settlement of Borne0 and the trading of Borneo as it were any other traded commodity, awe at the President’s name which is about the length of a standard sentence (oh, and learn about him and his presidency) and amongst other Borneo-related things.

After an hour or so, when the parents had finished reading everything (so they said but I think they were just bored), we moved onto the cultural village where traditional houses have been replicated and built for our education. We walked through the houses imagining what life would have been like, to live in such simple housing with no artificial lighting and natural ventilation.

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Once we were done with “living like a Bornean”, we ventured on to find the Orchid Garden with no success. However we did find the Tropical Rainforest and a greenhouse with all native succulents in it. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

By the time we finished walking the complex, we were pooped. We got back to the hotel and then went to find dinner straight away. Wanting curry fish head, we found a place but it didn’t have any customers so we decided to go down the road to the Singaporean Chicken Rice place which had a lot of local people there. That should mean it’s got to be good right? Well it was and it satisfied us till our bellies were round.

And it was the start of my addiction to Teh Tarik.


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