[snapshot] Chinese New Year Preparations

Last weekend, it was the start of a new year for my Asian brethren.

The Year of the Snake.

And in preparations for it, there are many traditions one has to follow. Like…

1. Clean the house and sweep away all the bad omens that have collected over the past year. In my case, sweep away all the juju left from the tenants over the year. We need to clean the house before the start of CNY as cleaning within the first few days, will mean you’re cleaning your house of all the good fortune that has already come your way.

2. Put up a bunch of cherry blossoms. The flower is symbolic for love and should bring good luck in the romance department. (Not sure on this one as it hasn’t worked… EVER).

Getting my #CNY on with a bunch of cherry blossoms. Bring on the #romance.

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3. Decorate the house with anything red and CNY related. Paper cutouts are popular and the more the better they said. So I’ve got this couple looking over me and the house.

My #CNY guardians for #snakeyear, watching over me in the kitchen

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And this one on the front door to welcome good fortune into the house.

All #CNY -ed out. #goodfortune to my #Asian brethrens for the coming year!

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4. Eat a traditional feast with the family on New Year’s Eve. With my family, this usually means A HELLUVA LOT OF FOOD. And you need to eat a piece off every dish, even if you don’t like it.

5. Get money! In the form of red pockets. This is our “lucky” money which we can use if we want to. In our family, we usually save the money till the following year. Or unless, we’re really really poor.

Looove #CNY

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And that, is how I celebrated Chinese New Year 2013.


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