Day 3/12: Island Adventures

Sorry for the hiatus…I’m going to continue where I left off

— 27 Dec 2012 —

We were off for an early start today, our first group tour in Borneo. Set for the crystal clear, turquoise coloured, white sandy beach of Mamutik Island. Mamutik is one of the smaller of the 5 idyllic islands contained in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park just off the coast of KK city. All the islands are a short boat ride from Sutera Habour, just 10 mins from the city centre.

With our group, we were briefed on the island layout, water activities (jet skiing, parasailing etc…) and the massive BBQ lunch we were going to get. It all sounded wonderful and we were all itching to get onto the boat NOW. STOP TALKING TOUR GUIDE.

Once our life jackets were on, we whizzed past many boats to become the second boat to arrive on the island. And it was just like I imagined. Long stretches of beach, crystal clear waters, schools and schools of fish swimming around the algae infested pylons. With the exception of, ALL THE TOURISTS. Gah.

Off we went to test out the waters and it was just, perfect. The walk to the water was a bit painful as there were broken bits of coral and shells but once you’re in the waters, you forget all about the pain you had to endure to get there. The view, both above and below the water, take you to another place. You forget where you are, you just get immersed in the moment, the moment where you’re swimming in amongst the Nemos and the Dorys and everything just feels right.

I’d like to take this time to apologise to you all with regards to the lack of photos of the underwater world. I didn’t have time to buy an underwater camera before the trip and I will before my next trip. Promise.

I managed to find something that I wanted to do and hadn’t done before. Sea walking! You know the one where you wear a helmet and it has a tube feeding oxygen to the wearer and you walk on the bottom of the ocean? I couldn’t wait. Till 11:30am. I needed to wait till for my siblings to finish having their fun on the other activities first. Grr.

It was worth the wait though.

The experience of walking on the bottom of the ocean (albeit only at 5m) and having the fish swim around you like kids running around the park in a sea of bubbles. It’s the best feeling ever. I don’t know if you guys know the feeling but it is AMAZING. Except for the whole really really heavy helmet and the fact that the “walk” was for like 10m along a fenced off pathway. If the walk was much longer and we didn’t molest Nemo and his home to get photo ops. Saying that… it did make for a good photo. Sorry Nemo!

After all that excitement, it was time to lie on the beach and take in the view. Instead, I fell asleep on the grass because the sun was oh so warm and the book was taking its time to get to an exciting bit.

Isn’t it stunning? Don’t you wish you were here??


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