[shout out] Arj Barker – Go Time

Have you ever seen Arj Barker sing and dance like Hugh Jackman in Les Miserables?

No? Well neither have I (nor have I seen Hugh in Les Miserables).

Until now. In his latest and greatest show titled “Go Time”. And dang, it was good (but remember I haven’t seen Les Miserables so I can’t make a sound comparison until I do).

And the goodness didn’t stop there. My friends, I and the (near) full capacity room (there were 2 spares on the left of me), were entertained for the entire 60 minutes with topics ranging from, and not limited to, laser eye surgeries, the solar system and its wacky ways, Australia’s employment rate and laid-back culture and drinking habits, his (lack of) love and sex life, (video and arcade) gaming, and last but not least, diarrhoea.

I have longed to see Arj in person, and he didn’t disappoint. The intertwine of stories and jokes was effortless, unlike some of his earlier works (which I’ve only seen on TV) which are a bit segmented, and there was originality with a joke made for the local Adelaide crowd. I won’t give too much away as you should really go find out yourself. I’m going to leave you with, he’s much taller in person, and try a pick up line with him when you’re getting one of his DVDs or sticker packs ($10) signed. It may just get you somewhere.

Arj is performing his gig, Go Time, at the States Theatre as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival until Saturday 16th March 2013. You can get your tickets here.

So get your arse down there and see it for yourself. I can’t wait to see what he has in stall next time.

Disclaimer: I won’t be refunding the cost of the ticket if you don’t like it. Sorry.


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