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Day 6/12: Buffet Breakfast at the Le Meridien

Now that I’m back from Adelaide, I have to get my arse into gear and finish the Malaysia adventures so I can write all about my new adventures.

Picking up where I left off, again…

— 30 Dec 2012 —

Sadly it was time to leave the Le Meridien, our “home” for the last 5 days, and move onto Sutera Harbour, our “home” till the end of the trip. So it’s time to rave about the Le Meridien buffet breakfast that I was privileged enough to have every morning.

Like every 5-star, the buffet breakfast always has too much food for everyone, giving guests a selection of pastries, juices, salad greens, meats etc… who, in return, would overindulge themselves so they wouldn’t have to eat lunch or afternoon tea.

Determined not to do that, I started every morning with a bowl (or two) of fish or chicken congee (rice porridge), topped with chives, crotons and crispy whitebait. It’s a staple in Asian-style breakfasts.

While I chowed down my congee, this juice guy was preparing my juice order. You can have any combination you want, depending what they had in stock that morning. My favourite was (normal) watermelon, yellow watermelon, starfruit and apple.

And that would be my breakfast for most days. When I was feeling famished or knew I had a big day in front of me (like when I got coerced to climb Mount Kinabalu), I would venture into the hot foods section too.

It was a bit mind boggling. I mean, why would hotels give guests SO much choice in the morning when they’re half asleep?! What gives? I just want my usual big breakfast. Why also give us dim sum, curry chicken, nasi lemak and all that stuff you usually eat for lunch?

Saying that, I decided to be adventurous and test my bowel functions with the aforementioned foods and I can confirm it went well on those days. Even with that hot red anchovy paste.

And if ALL that didn’t hit the spot, I would “take-away” a couple of blueberry pastries which would tie me over till lunch. (That’s my stingy Asian-ness coming out).

So that was that. Our last day at this fabulous hotel, and onto another fabulous hotel. If you do get the chance to stay there, do. It’s right on the foreshore and walking distance to (mostly) everywhere that’s ideal for sightseeing, eating and meeting locals.

Now it was off to our new home.

Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu
Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens,
Sinsuran, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


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