[snapshot] Zeftron and the D.R.C.

Since it’s the Easter looong weekend (Happy Easter everyone!), I finally got my act together to 1) tidy my bed and 2) take a photo to show the result from the marriage of Zeftron and the fabric I bought from the D.R.C.

The headboard looks quite good if I may say so myself. (To be honest, I’m just glad I finished one thing in my house. The painting effort is dismal.)

I got the idea for the shape of the headboard from Grace at Design*Sponge. I didn’t copy the exact shape and modified the dimensions to my own liking and space. I also used a different wall attachment, but you can ask your local hardware store guy to see what application is best for you.

Watch Grace’s video to get the general jist of the DIY and visit her article to download the template.

Other features include Sheridan bedspread and pillows from Spotlight.


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