[quickie] Landing in Hong Kong

— 21 Apr 2013 —

Nothing tells you you’re in Hong Kong more like; the air pollution, which today smelt like a mixture of restaurant waste and bus fumes (granted I was standing in the A21 bus lane), the feeling you’re a midget against all the tall buildings and the 200% humidity which I don’t fare well in.

Nonetheless, I was in Hong Kong.

There was a little bit of a hiccup at immigration but once I got the lady feeling sorry for me, whereby she let me through on a tourist visa (what’s the point of having a HKID card then?), it was on the A21 bus on the way to see my uncle at Hung Hom station. If he wasn’t going to send my cousins instead (my uncle isn’t much of a morning person, and by morning, I mean after noon).

Oh, and the coolest thing about the bus ride? FREE WIFI. As much as I hate Asia, I love how most of them are so technologically advanced that even tech retards like me can still stay connected with the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for more happenings during the day…


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