[snapshot] Recap of Day 1 in HK

An anti-climax follow on from yesterday’s post

After getting over buses have wifi with a refreshing and much-needed shower, I helped my cousins with their homework. They were teaching me Chinese, and I was teaching them English. Don’t know how much I helped as I haven’t seen this shit for years!

Doing a 5th grader english homework

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When I pleaded for some food, we went out for fishball hofun AND curry fishballs (no photos of both as we pretty much scoffed it all down. Rest assured, I plan to eat these everyday so plenty of opportunities for photos).

After satisfying 2 out of 4 things I came to HK to eat, we went home so the boys could finish their homework (yes, HK schools are hardcore. More hardcore than New York schools, where my other pair of cousins are). While they were doing that, I passed out on the couch until my Aunty came home.

My Uncle and his family usually eats around 19h30 so I spent sometime catching up with my Aunty. Once my Uncle woke up from his nap, we walked down to Whampoa Garden (where I grew up as a toddler) for Japanese food at Yoshinoya, famous for its’ beef bowls. This is when I also discovered my cousins (aged 15 and 11) eat like pigs, in the nicest possible way. They don’t seem to chew and they pretty much finished before I even started (!!!). So, no photos again.

Later on, we walked around the mall in Whampoa Garden which brought on a wave of nostalgia as this is my grandfather used to take me when it was too humid (free AC!).

The feeling never left me till we got home and I passed out as soon as my head touched the pillow once again.


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