Recap of Day 2 in HK

I’m back from the holiday and I’m feeling like another already. I started a new job which requires me to do FIFO every once in a while, thus blogging will be sporadic but I will get through it all. I’ve still to tell you about Seoul, and I’ve already written the 24 hour guide so stay tuned.

Now back to Hong Kong. This follows on from the previous day

— 22 Apr 2013 —

Today was more eventful in the photo snapping but not in actual events.

I spent the morning lining up to renew my Hong Kong ID card, the main reason I booked a longer stay here. It was so embarassing when I touched down in Hong Kong and I had to get a tourist visa. I AM NOT A TOURIST. Ok, so I haven’t been back in 10 years but that’s no reason to ostracise me.

After having being probed about my life in Australia and having my mug shot taken, we went to look for food. In this part of town, the food is more multicultural. You’ll find the normal Asian hawker stalls, but you’ll also find the Thai, Turkish, Japanese etc restaurants too. It was a chilly day so I went for ramen soup to warm me right up. I got all this for AUD $6. What a bargain!!

All this for 6 AUD. That's what cheap #fingerlickin #food for you!

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My uncle lives near the Kwun Yum Temple in Hung Hom. It is famous because during WWII, Hung Hom was severely destroyed district was under two rounds of heavy bombardments by the Japanese, aiming at destroying the Whampoa Dock. There were heavy casualties in the adjacent school but those people taking shelter in the temple were unharmed. The residents in the area believed that it was a miracle of Kwun Yum.

A historical #landmark next to where my uncle lives

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This is the street where I grew up. I don’t exactly remember physically being there (my nan tells me stories ALL THE TIME) but I do remember the street, the toy store and the cruise ship.

This is the ULTIMATE snack when roaming the streets of Hong Kong. It’s just a egg-shaped waffle with normal batter but they are SO GOOD. You’ll get it anywhere for around HKD $12 – $15.

One of my favs snacks, egg pancakes! All yours for 13 HKD

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And last but not least, I can’t be in Hong Kong and not eat these are an ungodly hour. Whenever I’m in town, my uncle always gets these suckers from the seafood market across the road. And we always eat them after midnight.

A whole colony of langoustine-like things. #fingerlickin #food

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