[quickie] An update from yours truly

My highlights for this month:

1. I celebrate my 2 year anniversary with WordPress and you all. Thank you for reading these past 2 years and (hopefully) enjoying my stories. And here’s to many more to come (plans are in motion)!
2. I found out WordPress has an Instagram widget. OMFG. So much awesomeness. I’ve already put it in the sidebar so get onto it!(@_scvstheworld if it wasn’t obvious)
3. I celebrate my 2 month anniversary in my new job. I have travelled to the Pilbara for the first time in my 22 odd years in Australia. Thank you client for the opportunity (and frequent flyer points!!!).
4. I’m dancing with joy <cue an image of me doing a silly dance with arms flailing> as my friend *M (Hi! if you’re reading) has successfully fixed my HD and I now have all my holiday photos back (read: more blogging to come!!). Yes *M, I’ll back it all up before I ruin the HD again. Thanks a bunch again!!!
5. My bestie and I have started looking into plans for our 30th birthday South American escapade! World Cup here we come…
6. I have booked my flight to California and am in the stage of planning an epic road trip with *E and the *J team. Weeeeeeeeeee!


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