[just in] Are Australian travellers boring?

What the? Hell no. Why would you think that? I am offended!

Well according to this, a survey conducted by found that 60% of Australians has travelled to a holiday destination multiple times during the past 5 years.

First of all, why are they focusing on Australians? Where is the survey about Americans who rarely travel out of their own country? Or the Germans who seem to flock to Australia every year to top up their time and go pick berries? Or the Brazilians, just because? Huh huh huh? And we’re even getting our vacations renamed to ‘same-cations’ just to make it sound like we’re the boring-est people on the planet. No fair!

Despite my rant, I have to agree with the survey. I know people who are on both sides of the boat. A very lop-sided boat might I add. On one side, every man, woman and their dog heads over to Bali or Thailand for a long weekend when Jetstar or AirAsia has a sale. It is often so cheap that the cab fare from your house to the airport will cost more than the return ticket (yes it is outrageous).

On the other side, no matter how cheap the tickets are, it is better to save up for a massive holiday to a new unknown magical destination. That for us in Australia, is pretty much anywhere except Bali and New Zealand. I sit on this side with a little group of people I know. I’d rather save (even if it’s very slow) for a 2 month holiday and tick off 5 countries at one time than to go back to Bali and hang out with other Perthians whom I already know.

Whatever the case, travel is travel. I won’t take the bad from the survey (implying we’re boring!) but I’ll take the good. Which is, Australians fare well enough to be able to travel and 60% of us have got the work/life balance worked out. And what a privilege that is!

<end rant>


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